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Great reading

Plenty of great tips for transition

It inspired me!

Great information given in a positive way. I went from considering going gray to being all in.

Thanks, Sandy! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it helped :-)

Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

How Not To Look Old with Gray Hair: 10 Fantastic Tips
Anna D (Connecticut, United States)

Expected there would be photos of hairstyles. The few that were included were not inspiring.


An excellent resource! Thank you!

Seems unnecessary.


A lot of helpful information that is assisting me on my journey

The Dye Strip Technique for Going Gray in Secret
Martin Halvorsen (Texas, United States)
Very Clever Concept

I have not tried the Dye Strip Technique but have looked it over. It's a clever way to hide that gray until you get enough of it but I'm not sure I want to fuss with it.

The Dye Strip Technique for Going Gray in Secret
Heavenwalk (California, United States)
Inventive Technique

After reading this process, I decided to print and discuss with my colorist. It may be this OR cold turkey!

Great Resource for Going Gray

If you have questions and concerns about going gray look no further this book has all the answers. It is full of useful tips and tricks on how to go gray and the best way to do it for you. There are options to help people transition smoothly and effortlessly and it is a wonderful confident booster. Katie did not leave anything out and I highly recommend to anyone who is even just starting to think of ditching the dye and letting their natural beauty shine through.

Thank you, Jeanette! I'm so glad you loved it!

Gray info

Would have liked to purchase in a real book form

Hi, Wendy! I hope to get this in an actual hard copy form soon. Just haven't had the time yet to figure out how, but when I do, I'll definitely let you know.

I LOVE it!!!

After reading the book, i‘m totally convinced: I wanna do it! And i‘m able to do it!! I feel armed with all there is to know bout ditching the dye. Only four weeks in the process, but i‘m hoping to manage the journey to my true hair color. Thank you Katie!!!

Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the book, Olga! Please email me so I know if it's just a customer service / deliverability issue or if there was something in the content that you didn't like.

My Husband erased your book thinking it was spam. Boo Hoo
He was trying to help grumble,grumble

Sorry to hear that, Vivian! I sent you a new copy via email. Enjoy!


Thank you, this is excellent and very helpful.

You're welcome! So glad you enjoyed it.

Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

Every Which Way to Gray

Haven't blow-dried or used heat on my hair since I read this! Very helpful suggestions for transitioning to silver. Thanks so much!

Great tips

I will be referring back to this throughout my transition for all the great tips! I think this will help me too continue my journey and see it to the end!! Thanks for the help

Awesome, inspirational manual of support!

Being part of this wave-olution among other silver sisters, I was so excited to discover Katie Emery's publication, articles and all the ways she helps shine a light on our path. She is personally responsive to inquiries and I am consistently inspired by her wisdom and insight through "Every Which Way to Gray," daily emails and "Silver Revolution" group on Facebook.

Extremely comprehensive!

This cute little book totally surprised me by how comprehensive and knowledgeable it was! Jam-packed full of very helpful info and tips. If you are even thinking about transitioning to gray, run, don't walk, and grab this won't regret it!

Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

Great Gray Hair Info!

Katie's new book Every Which Way to Gray is packed with tons of info on anything you’d need to know when making the transition to gray hair!

She provides several links to products that you may want to use and explains in easy detail about various techniques associated with going gray! She even provides videos for you to watch and get ideas from.

I’m a big fan of Katie’s and I know you will be too!

A gamechanger in transitioning to grey!

I'm 48 and have been transitioning away from using hair dye since March 2020 (26 months) and have already found huge amounts of support and encouragement from the Katie Goes Platinum site and seeing other women's journeys on Facebook groups.

This book is a gamechanger as far as I'm concerned - easy and pleasurable to read, lots of advice on what to expect and ways to deal with potential hurdles, along with acknowledgement that everyone's journey is different, and that that's okay!

There are also product recommendations for different circumstances (although I'm in the UK so they might not all be easily available to me, but I've not checked yet) - the biggest positive for me in my journey has been this kind of encouragement in what has been an incredible personal journey that ends up being about much more than the hair, but about learning self-love and kindness!

This book gathers all of this and links to more in one place - buy it if you're considering this journey, you won't regret it!

The Title Says It All

Katie has done a brilliant job of creating a comprehensive guide to all the ways you can choose from to ditch the dye and go gray your way. If you are struggling on how to achieve your goal to go gray…get this eBook!