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The Dye Strip Technique for Going Gray in Secret

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The Dye Strip Technique is a fantastic way to go gray in secret! 

It's the best option for women who want to go gray but do not want to cut their hair short, do not want to bleach it, and are not keen on showing off a demarcation line (aka "skunk stripe"). 

For brunettes and women with dark black hair, this technique is literally a godsend.

This eBook is a PDF version of my popular blog post, so you can print it out and read it in the comfort of your own home without distracting ads or videos.  All of the video links are included, however, so you can still get the full benefit of the post but in print form.

If you're considering doing this technique at a salon (instead of at home), this eBook is a handy way to show your stylist how to do this method.  Enjoy!